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Time for a Change?

Thinking back to a previous post on fulfillment and I wonder if what I really need is change. Trouble is when you reach a certain point in your career (or more specifically a certain salary that allows you to meet your obligations), it can be very daunting to take that leap and change tack.

I've been doing some research into voluntary opportunities near me and I might see how that pans out. There is a fabulous museum just up the road called the Black Country Living Museum (http://www.bclm.co.uk/) that has an active Friends Association and they always need volunteers.

Now I just need to find some spare time!

Stay happy everyone.

Back to School?

Wow. 3 weeks since my last post. Feels like a confessional and I'm not even Catholic.

So what's going with me? Not a lot but my little boy has started school (primary). My school career finished in 1989 (1991 if you include 6th Form College). But I feel like I've gone back to school 23 years later! 3 weeks into my son's school career we got called into the school for a meeting where we were informed that he was disruptive!!

His teacher and headmistress both provided examples; end result - we're now receiving daily feedback on his behaviour!

First parents' evening this week, trepidation building...and that's just me.

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Guilty Pleasures

Haven't written for a few days - been busy. This past Saturday, I was at a Jonathan Coulton gig with some friends.

In the car on the way back from the gig, the conversation turned to 'guilty pleasures'.

A friend of mine, Scott Johnson (http://www.frogpants.com) has long held his guilty pleasure to be the movie 'Waterworld'. He watches it at least once a year.

My guilty pleasure? The National Treasure movie series. Huge historical licence taken? Check. Laughable premise and nonsensical plot? Check and check.

Do I care? Nope. The history freak in me loves any popular exposure for the subject.

Looking forward to National Treasure 3...

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Finding fulfilment...?

Thinking about what to write today. Nothing much was coming to mind and said mind wandered off into the not-too distant future and an impending birthday.

I will be 40 this year. Wow. 40. Looks so much starker written in black and white. Now I know a lot of people worry about hitting 40 and what not. But I got to thinking, it's not the number that bothers me so much as what it represents.

I guess it's an opportunity to reflect on where you are, what you've achieved and perhaps more importantly what you haven't.

Don't get me wrong, I have many things to be thankful for, a wonderful wife and amazing boy and a pretty ok life. But I can't help thinking something is missing. Perhaps 'missing' is the wrong word...perhaps what I'm really trying to express is a feeling that somehow my potential has not been fulfilled. I think that this is something that I will have to devote some time to in the coming months. I'm not sure where fulfillment comes from or how one is best served trying to find it.

However, an internet search turned up this little gem; http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2017876/A-fathers-message-grave-My-darling-children-heres-live-lives-Daddys-gone.html

If I live to deliver 1% of what this chap proposes, I'll be alright.

So I don't hate Andy Murray after all...

So I was thinking what to post about today...

It turns out I don't hate Andy Murray after all. Who knew? He's come a long way from the guy who would 'support anyone but England' to the national treasure he is today, in the wake of winning the US Open last night.

Apparently he can now expect to triple his earning potential, anything up to £20m in the next 12 months.

Well for me, his humility after winning the gold medal in the Olympics did more for his personality potential than a Grand Slam win ever will.

Good on yer son.

Guild Wars 2

So Guild Wars 2. NCSoft have sold out of digital copies of the game and retail copies appear thin on the ground here in the UK.

Now I appreciate that this is an attempt by NCSoft to regulate server load. But they are making my decision to play or not very easy...

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Here we go then...

Will I have anything interesting to post? Doubtful.

Will anyone want to read it? Unlikely.

Am I going to do it anyway? Hells Yeah!